• Basic Interface :

  • Basic Info of Character :

  1. EXP : Experience. You will earn experience from monster after you killed it.
  2. HP : Health Point. If Health Point is empty, your character will be died and you will lose a bit Experience and Gold. So you should keep it fully by using the recovering potion.
  3. MP : Magic Point or Mana Point. When you cast a skill, Mana Point will be decreased by the Mana Point's requirement of that skill.
  4. SP : Stamina Point. It will decrease when you cast living skill to creating equipments or get a mission. You can press [V] on keyboard that will make your character sit down for recovering SP.

  • Mini Map :
    Press [Tab] button on the keyboard to maximize or minimize the map :

  1. 'Medium yellow dot' on the map indicates current location of the player, 'blue dot' indicates location of monsters, 'large Yellow dot' shows location of NPCs, 'small yellow dot' indicates other players and ‘green dot’ indicates the location of your party members.
  2. The coordinate of players' location will be shown at the top of the map.
  3. You can also enter the coordinate that you wish to proceed by clicking the [Arrow] Arrow.JPG icon.
  4. Click on the globe icon mini_mab.JPGto view JXII world map.

  • World Map :

  • Fast Keys :

    (Use Table 12 Row and 2 Column)
Left :
    1. Character info (F3)
    2. Inventory (F4)
    3. Skill (F5)
    4. Quest (F11)
    5. Friends (F6)
    6. Battle mode (F9)
    7. Run/Walk (R)
    8. Guild Info
    9. Party Info
    10. Help (F1)
    11. System Setting
Right :
    1. Trade
    2. Invite other players to join party
    3. Add friends
    4. Check Shop
    5. Inspect
    6. Follow
    7. Whisper

  • Trading Window :
    If you wish to trade with other players, you just simply click on the [trade] button and then drag the icon to the player you wish to trade with. After that the Trade window will be called out if both parties agree to trade:
    1. Drag items from inventory to trade window.
    2. Confirm the quantity of items.
    3. Click the [Lock] button at the bottom.
    4. Click the [Trade] button to trade after both parties had clicked [lock] button.
    5. For gold trading, simply key in the amount you wish to trade, click on [lock] and then click [trade] to complete the process.

  • Party Management Window :
    Click on [Party] button and then drag it to the players you wish to party with :

    • Press [P] button on the keyboard to call out Party Management Window :
      • Player list : player who are located nearly you.
      • Party member : to show all your party members.
      • Leader transfer : to change the leader of the party (only leader can open).
      • Invite member : to invite others member to join your party (only leader can invite).
      • Expel : to expel members from your party (only leader can expel member).
      • Dismiss : to dismiss party (function opens to leader only).
      • Leave : to leave the party (for members only).
      • Item Picking : allocate items are picked by party members.

  • Vending Window :
    The Vending Window allows all players to earn money through opening the shop and set up the price of items that wish to sell by yourself.
    • How to Vending or open the Shop in JXII :
      • Step 1 : Open inventory.
      • Step 2 : Click on vending button.
      • Step 3 : Put item(s) that you wish to sell on vending window.
      • Step 4 : Mark a price for the selling item.
      • Step 5 : Write your shop name.
      • Step 6 : Open shop or switch to vending mode.
Note :
    1. Over-level-10 players can set up personal store in the cities or sect.
    2. Riding skill is not allowed while vending status is activated.
    3. While vending or open shop, player can not move or do anything else.
    4. You have to drag the items you wish to sell from inventory to vending window and mark price for the items.
    5. You can press [Ctrl + left click] to check other players’ vending status.

  • Shortcut Bar :
    There are 3 shortcut bars located at the left bottom of screen. You can drag potions, items, and skills you had learned into this shortcut bar. Drag the skill or item icon into the shortcut bars to setup. Then, you can press 1- 8 on the keyboard and right click to use the skills or items assigned.
  • Help Window :
    Press [F1] to access Help Window. This window allows you to check all information of JXII game.

  • System Window :
    You can change game screen and interface setting through the System Window. You just click on shortcut 'System' icon or press [F2] to access Setting Window, which indicates music, sound effect, screen, window mode, shortcut key and other setting selections.

  • Character Equipment Window :
    Click 'Character' icon which you can be found at the bottom of the screen or click shortcut key [F3] to enter or exit the Character Equipment Window. The 2 buttons at the top of Character Window are Character Equipment and Character Information checking.
    1. Character Equipment :
      • Basic Info (Left) :
        • HP : The current health point of character.
        • MP : The blue bar of the top-left of the screen represents for using skill.
        • SP : Green bar at the top-left of the screen represents the current strength point of character.
        • Ex. Atk : Attack power of external skills.
        • In. Atk : Attack power of latent skills.
        • Accuracy : Accuracy which influences character hits with weapon and bare-handed.
        • Ex. Def : Defense ability of character against external skill's attack.
        • In. Def : Defense ability of character against latent skill's attack.
        • Flee : Chance to evade from enemy's attack.
        • Hit : Chance to perform the critical hit of character.
        • Dodge : Rate of dodge from enemy's attack.
        • ASPD : Attack speed of the character.
        • STR : Decides the external strength and baggage load of external skill.
        • INT : Decides magic attack power, latent power and recovery speed of internal kills.
        • VIT : Decides health point, recovery speed of health point and the ability of attack and defense.
        • AGI : Decides accuracy and attack speed; influences the dodge rate of character as well.
        • OBS : Dodge rate, critical rate, accuracy and attack speed will be influenced by observation.
        • Stat. Point : Basic points can get from up level; it can be added into STR, INT, VIT, AGI and OBS.
      • Equipment (Right) :
        • Shows items, weapon, armor, scroll or accessories that currently equipped on your character. To put on those equipment, you drag the equipments from your inventory and place it at the specific column in this window.
        • Current EXP : Experience points that we got already.
        • Upgrade EXP : Experience points that we need to upgrade next level.
    2. Character information :
      Shows all the information of Character.
    • Nickname : Nickname will be shown above your character name.
    • Reputation : Reputation can be gained through missions. It is useful in earning new skills, upgrading your school status, setting up new guild and obtaining higher level missions.
    • School Contribution : To indicate school which joined by your character.
    • Practice : Point can be used to practice scroll.
    • Guild : To indicate guild name which joined by you.
    • Position : Your current position in guild.
    • PK Value :The value of killed play by used PK mode.
    • Vic.Rate : Victory Rate. winning chance in PK mode.
    • Lose : Times of being defeated in PK.

  • Inventory Window :
Click on the 'Item' icon at the shortcut window or press [F4] to enter or exit the Inventory Window. Inventory Window shows the current items and amount of JXII gold holding by the character.
  • inventory.JPG
    • There are 60 slots (including expanded inventory) in this window ; different types of item will be placed separately in the slots. Some of the items and equipments in inventory can't be overlapped and every item or equipment has certain weight. Current weight carried by character that will be shown at the bottom of the window; character will not be able to walk if the weight capacity exceeds the maximum weight capacity.
    • Throw Item : Left-click the item in the inventory and drag it out from the Inventory Window and left-click once to abandon any item which is unneeded.
    • The money column indicates the amount of gold that owned by you.

  • Skill Window :
    Click on 'Skill' icon in the shortcut window or press [F5] to call out Skill Window. This window indicates the current skills and living skills that player has learned.

    1. Martial Art :
      The skills that can be learned from the sect school you had joined. Active skills in this window can be dragged out and put in the fast key column. Besides the [1] to [8] fast key, you can press [Q], [W], [E], [A], [S], [D], [Z], [X] and [C] key that can be used as fast key as well.
    2. Living Skill :
      This window indicates the living skill that had been learned by you.
      • Survival Skill : Basic of living skill, used to produce bun and bandage that needed in newbie mission.
      • Producing Skill : Producing living skill, can be learned from specific NPCs. Once you had learned this skill, you can create armor, weapon, consumption type items and others through this system. To create new item through living skill, you have to prepare appointed materials (through gathering system). But Producing living skill allows player to learn only 1 skill of them.
      • Gathering Skill : Gathering skill or supporting skill allows you to gather materials to create item for support Producing living skill. For Gathering skill allows all players to learn all skills of Gathering skill.
    3. Scroll : You can drag secret scroll from your inventory to this window and learn the skill recorded in the scroll at here.

  • Relation Window :
    Click on the 'Friend' icon and drag it to the player you wish to make friend with or press [F6] to call out the Friend Window.
    1. Friend Window : Players who had been added as your [Friend] will be listed at this window. To add friend, press Ctrl key and right-click on a player you prefer to make friend with. Choose [Friend] from the right-key menu. Name of the player that you chose will be added into the friend list if he/she agreed to make friend with you.
    2. Enemy Window : System will add the name of the player who killed/defeated you in PK into your [enemy] list.
    3. Black List : You can also add an enemy or other player that u hate to your black list.
Online Notify : The system will inform you if your relations, friends or enemies log in or log out the game. You can choose "appear offline" from the communication board or choose "appear offline" before you log into the game if you prefer not to unfurl your online status.

  • Mission or Quest Window :
    Click on 'Mission' button or press [F11] to call out quest window.This window indicates info of mission which you are executing. Mission includes world mission, repeatable mission and merchant guild mission.

  • NPCs (None Player Characters) Trading Window :
    Talk to the shop owner NPC in a town, "Item trading" window will appear. You can Repair, Identify, Purchase or Sell items with these NPC.
    1. Repair Item : Click on the 'Repair Equip' button at the 'Trading Window' and then click again on the items which you need to be repaired. Repair Window will pop up and you can check the price here. Click 'Confirm' to execute the repair process. Beside this, you can perform special repair with NPC Liu the Blacksmith.
    2. Identify Item : Click on the item that Unidentify (Item can not use) to identify item for use or sell.
    3. Purchase Item : Right click on the item in NPC that you wish to buy.
    4. Sell Item : Shift and right-click on the item in your Inventory that you wish to sell.

  • PK Mode :
  • Training Mode : You are unable to kill any player if [training mode] has been turned on. However, players who turn on their [Massacre mode] are able to kill you.
  • Massacre Mode: You can kill all players (except your party members) if you turn on this PK mode.
  • Guild Slaughter Mode : You can kill players except white name-tagged players, party members and guild members after this mode is activated.
  • Revenge Mode : You can kill a specific person by this mode.
Note : This mode can only be chosen by selecting certain option in the menu that exists when you click on the player.
  • PK Value :
    • PK value shows the sin of a player
    • There is no value for PK If you kill a player who are under [massacre] mode as you, if you turn on your [massacre] mode and kill a player with [practice] mode. PK value will increase 1 point if the [practice] mode player was killed by you and that player was the same sect, so PK value will increase 2 points.
    • Highest point of PK value is 10; punishment will be given based on different level of PK value.
    • The name tag of the player will become red in color when the PK value is higher than 3 and he will not be able to enter the city.
    • Punishment for PK Value:
      (Use Table 12 Row and 6 Column)
      PK Value

      EXP Drop Rate


      Reputation Drop Rate

      Money Drop Rate


      Item Drop Rate


      Equipment Drop Rate


    • How to reduce PK Value: Stay at city outskirt or purchase Reset Pill from Imperial Street to clear your PK value.

  • Reputation :
Reputation is a record of player's behavior in martial world. Your reputation will increase if you successfully complete some of the missions or extend your online time. Reputation will be recorded in numerical value. Reputation can be check through status window.
    • Press [F3] button to open the Character Window.
    • Click on [Character Information] you can check your reputation.
    • You need certain amount of reputation to upgrade your character, to learn new skills, to build up a guild, to upgrade your position in guild etc.
    • Reputation will increase if you extend online game or successfully completed mission or use Sixspirit Pill from Imperial Street to increase your reputation.
    • Reputation will decrease if cancel mission of merchant guild, killed by monsters or lose in PK battle may drop the value of reputation.